Vladimír Baláž has been employed in the Institute for Forecasting since 1989. He currently is a research professor (2007) with the Institute for Forecasting of the Slovak Academy of Sciences. Since 2012 Vladimír Baláž has been a member of the Learned Society of the Slovak Academy of Sciences.
The Institute acts both as a research body and government think-thank for design of economic and social policies. It prepared number of studies commissioned by the European Commission, Slovak Prime Minister Office, Ministries of Economy and Finance.
Vladimír Baláž has three major areas of research interest
• Innovation and R&D policies. Major topics include: national systems of innovation (NIS) and role of knowledge transfers particular sectors of NIS.
• Migration and Regional Development. Major topics include: brain drain and brain gain, tacit knowledge transfers, impact of labour migration on regional development, regional disparities and cohesion policies.
• Behavioural Economics and Finance. Major topics include: risk tolerance and pre-selection of migrants, complex decision making in migration and finance.